Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quilted Runner

I have been wanting to make this ever since I saw it but I'm not that enthusiastic about sewing. I even thought of crocheting a similar thing. But now I need a break from crochet!!!!!!!!!
I used what materials I had and am happy with the way this turned out. I didnt have to unpick any stitch.....even the sewing machine co-operated very well. So well that I want to sew more!!!!

Bias bag

Love this bag!!! It's adorable. Made for Afreen & her friend, Iqra.

Bags for my girls

I had stitched a bag for my Afreen. So had to make one for Dania too. I crocheted this one is less than an hr.

Because Dania got a new bag, Salma (my niece) demanded one for herself too. Salma has more bags then her mom! And she is only 2!!!!

My baby girl modeling both the bags.