Sunday, January 17, 2010

Starburst Hotpad

These were a breeze. I might even make some more.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crochet Tissue Box Cover

This is my own design. I made this with Nature Cotton. The box part was easy. It was making all those flowers that took time!
I sort of design as I go along. I play around with the stitches and go with what I'm comfortable or with what looks good with the particular needle & thread. So most of the time, I dont jot down what I do.
This was a relatively easy & a quick project.(Just one frogging!). The body took just 2 days of errattic crocheting. The flowers took a lot of time. [I dont enjoy making flowers (except the rose-like it!).]
The top is plain sc rows and the body is shell stitch. The whole thing is worked in one piece and the flowers attached later. I'll try & take more pictures of the top.

Crochet Necklace

These are super fast crochet projects. The pattern is from here. Her site is great and she has a lot of really nice free patterns!
I made two with some left over yarn. This is with Nature Cotton.

This is with two threads held together: Dark blue Omega & spider man blue in knitting cotton. The picture makes it look bright but actually it's really a very dark shade of blue.

Crochet pouch

I really enjoy doing this stitch. This is the second one i've made and I sold it at the arte fair last friday!

Tatted coaster- completed

Looks like a doily!

The completed coasters. Only made four. May try to make two more later. Very happy with these.

More Tatting

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My indoor garden

Pictures taken by hubby.... with his new toy!

Crochet jug & glass cover

These are quite easy to make except where the bead part comes! Although beads do make a project turn amazing, I really don't enjoy working with them. Stringing on the beads are really a very tedious job which I usually delegate to my sister. But now I have to do them myself! Anyway, quite happy with the way this has turned out.
This I made for a client I met through the arte fairs and this is the second set she ordered. The other one is the same but in white with blue beads. Have taken pictures of it but its on mobile!

The glass cover

The jug cover

This pattern is not my own althouh I did do a little modifications to the original design. The pattern is from a japanese book.