Crochet Tissue Box Cover

This is my own design. I made this with Nature Cotton. The box part was easy. It was making all those flowers that took time!
I sort of design as I go along. I play around with the stitches and go with what I'm comfortable or with what looks good with the particular needle & thread. So most of the time, I dont jot down what I do.
This was a relatively easy & a quick project.(Just one frogging!). The body took just 2 days of errattic crocheting. The flowers took a lot of time. [I dont enjoy making flowers (except the rose-like it!).]
The top is plain sc rows and the body is shell stitch. The whole thing is worked in one piece and the flowers attached later. I'll try & take more pictures of the top.


nima said…
Pearlin J said…
Looks very pretty!
Shaheen said…
Thanks Nima & Pearlin
One Flew Over said…
That is TOO sweet! Love it!!

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