My april fair

We have had a variety of climates today. The day started out by being very sunny, then it became very windy & dusty and then it drizzled a bit so all the dust settled down. And then it went back to being sunny & dusty & now its quite windy. And all this just shows that summer is right round the corner.

Friday was the day of arte's fair which is held every month at the Times Square Center in Dubai. Since I was taking part in it, I've had a very hectic time these past few weeks. The fair went very well,MashaAllah. Got lot of good response. And I did sell some of my stuff!! YAYYYYY!!!

I also got some Garn studio Muskat & Cotton Viscose yarn. BEAUTIFUL YARNS. Can't wait to make something with them.

Pictures of my fair.

another shot

The brown & blue newborn set

Lacy baby set

Baby boy blue set

Yellow baby set

The gift bag and tags are my own design.

And a big thanks to my DH for the wonderful pictures.


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