A day out

We went to the Sharjah Aquarium last weekend.
Kids enjoyed it a lot. They got to see a lot of sea creatures up close.
Dania was scared & excited at the same time. Reihan kept running around asking a lot of questions. Afreen wanted to see an octopus which, unfortunately, was not there.

This sea horse had issues!!!

So beautiful. MashaAllah!

This guy was really sleepy.

Black & white stripes.
I'm calling this The Zebra Fish.
(I can't remenber the actual name.)

Nemo's friend.

Hubby had a lot of fun too.....taking pictures.

My fav picture....the sunset.


Pearlin J said…
My kids love the aquarium too. Lovely pictures. I think the Zebra Fish is called Lion Fish :)
Yasmin said…
Not just the kids even i love the aquariums. Remember the fun we had when we took the kids there together- they played more than looking at the fishes! Very nice pictures.
kasthurirajam said…
wow....... very beautiful

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