Quilled sunshine flowers

I had made this a while back. Just never got around to blogging about it. Sitting is a big NO these days. And I still have two more months to go, InshAllah. Can't wait.
I enjoyed making these flowers (sunshine bright). They were a little tricky assembling but well worth the effort. I'm so trying out different color combos. Should be interesting.

Before the frame 

 And framed!

 Close up of the flowers

Have a nice day! And a ramadan kareem to all!


Mannayah said…
masha Allah
masha Allah

These are sooooooooo amazing
the colour
the shape
the whole thing is superb mashaAllah
Love it so much

Yasmin said…
Wow! Really beautiful work, Shaheen. I love the colours.
cbuswell said…
Just beautiful!!
Shoumi Aslam said…
fantastic ... Looks original!!


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